When it comes to blogging, writing should be every blogger’s priority.

But truth be told, not every blog owner loves to spend hours writing.

While some are interested in blogging but aren’t good at writing, and looking for a way to start a blog without writing.

So whichever category you are in, then you will love this post.

In fact, these approaches am about to mention are very scalable and will also help you get maximum results even if you are not the one doing the writing job.

Think of it like a business, you got the idea and you have a team that does the job for you.

They work and then you make money and they get paid a fraction of that too.

So am going to cover 6 unique ways you can get that done.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

But wait? 

Why Should You Start A Blog In First Place?


Blogging is one of the most sufficient and reliable ways to build a brand and develop an online presence for your business.

And the Good part is: It requires only a fraction of your time to begin.

And on Average blogger earns $45,000 while others are six figures.

adam enfroy blog earnings
adam enfroy 2020 blog income reports

This shows the fact that blogging is 100% a good investment, profitable, and can turn you into a six-figure earner like that Adam enfroy.

And the reality behind this blogging process is not what most newbies see it the way it is meant to be.

It involves some practices and SEO optimization techniques that can pour in visitors to your site.

But the foundation of all is writing.

And if you don’t want to write, and neither do you hate writing, then do you still have the opportunity into the blogging space?

Yes, there is always an opportunity for you to tap into this 6 figures empire.

So with that, here are the ways to start a blog without writing anything.

How To Start A Blog Without Writing

First and foremost, the following checklists should be marked before you further into this process.

So let’s start off with 6 ways you can get this done.

So even if you are not a good writer or not a proficient writer.

and don’t want to give up your blogging dreams then this 6 approach will walk fine.

Make Videos And Convert Them Into Texts:

I get the gist, if you can’t write then you would love to make a Youtube video.

Hubspot found that blogging is the most popular and utilized resource for a successful content marketing campaign.

And the real part behind this is that, despite it being the most popular, videos make up 60%.

Either blogging or Making videos, they both work hand in hand somehow.

Now I know your primary purpose isn’t to make videos but rather to blogging.

Yeah, the thing is you can make videos about the topics you want to cover on your blog and convert them to texts, and then paste them into your blog post, easy and breezy.

That way, you are creating content on the scale (On youtube and your blog).

In fact, backlinko founder,  brian Dean is a big fan of this approach but he does his own in a reversible way.

How To Convert Youtube Videos Into Articles/Texts.

1) Upload the video on Youtube from your Youtube studio.

upload videos on youtube

2) Locate the video folder in Your YouTube studio and click subtitles.

Youtube video substitles

In other words, Youtube has automatically generated subtitles for the video you uploaded Youtube for you.

so you head over to your Youtube studio dashboard and copy it as shown below.

copy your video subtitles from yotube

After copying it, upload it to your blog and make some little editing to avoid errors.

What if it is not your video?

Then these Tools with help you convert your video file into text

That said and the next step is.

Hire a Freelance Expert writer:

currency exchange

As easy as it may sound, it is just all about hiring expert writers and not freelance writers.

When I mean expert writers, am talking about writers who are focused and expert on that topic.

For example.

I write about topics on forex trading because I trade forex when am not blogging.

And also write about making money online because I also make money online as well.

But there are some levels of proficiency where my writing skills fall in.

If I were to write about forex my level of proficiency only relies on certain topics under forex trading.

My approach to forex trading is only price action and trend trading, so if am to write about indicators, my level of proficiency will be quite low because I don’t use indicators to trade.

So why write about something I don’t use despite they are all under forex?

In other words, hire someone who is a big fan of trading with indicators.

How about Making Money Online?

Despite I make money online, I do not write on topics like making money online with e-commerce and making money with dropshipping.

Even though they are all about making money online, my area of expertise is not in that category.

But if it were how to make money blogging and youtube, then count me in.

I hope you get the gist.

In summary, narrow down your topic.

So where is the best place to hire freelancers, I recommend Fiverr?

Start A Podcast series:


Podcasting is simply one of those ways you can start a blog without writing.

In case you don’t know what a podcast is? It is simply a better way of creating content and using that content to interact with your audience through audio.

Not just audio alone, but video podcasting too.

The H3 Youtube podcast

Whichever method, they still work.

For video podcasting, you can upload them on Youtube and follow the step-by-step approach as mentioned in no. 1.

For audio, you can import your podcast file into this tool and it converts them into transcripts and written texts for your for free.

An example of sites leveraging this approach is Nichepursuits.

They interview successful bloggers on their podcasts and upload the transcripts in form of blog posts.

nichepursuit podcasts

Allow Guest Posts From Expert Authors:

Guest posting or Guest blogging, whichever way is the same thing.

It simply gives other authors or expert writers the opportunity to share their thoughts on Your blog.

That way, they write an article for you to publish on their blog so they can build an eye within your own audience.

But how do you also benefit from this? You also got some free articles without even putting in any work.

Just simply buy a copy-and-paste article from someone else who is considered an expert to do the work for you.

How Can You Do This?

Create a new page with the title Guest posts.

Replicate with this list of guest blogging sites and see how they structure their content, so you can actually replicate it for your sites.

So whenever other sites in your niche find you just the same way you find others, they reach out to you.

Generate Contents From AI:

This approach still works like crazy and a lot of bloggers are leveraging it like it is no one’s business.

Make money blogging with Ai posts

Though am not a big fan of using AI tools, they can keep the ball rolling for you.

Just plug your keywords into this tool and they autogenerate written texts for you.

As simple as ABC and you get them within a few clicks.

But I should warn you!!!

If SEO is part of your content marketing or any way of getting traffic, you need to be strategic about this approach.

Why? because Google is not a big fan of AI content and they penalize them.

AI spam updates

So How can You Do this The Right Way?

Generate content through AI and edits it to your own taste.

Don’t be lazy about it, if an AI could generate content for you within a few minutes, spend some time editing it and making it look original.

PLR Articles:

It is simple, PLR articles are free articles written by other writers and they upload them for you all for free.

Now You can search for articles in your niche in the PLR database.

Copy the articles and rephrase them to your taste and then upload them to your blog.

Must I rephrase every article on PLR?

Yes, you should because it is free, so everyone would probably be doing the same thing you are doing and that can cause plagiarism.

So editing the articles will save you from this mess.

Editing articles doesn’t equal writing but they both require a little amount of time.

Easy and simple.

Final Thoughts

I know it going to hurt you when I say this but starting a blog without having to write isn’t going to make your blog stands outs from the others.

Why have a blog in the first place when you know you are not willing to write content?

Those who are successful in blogging are those who spend some time creating content that no one else can replicate.

All the above-mentioned easy ways to start a blog without writing are not going to take your blog to 6 figures.

So as you leverage such an approach, also spend some time learning and trying to improve your writing as it will save you,

Money for hiring expert writers

Makes your content stand out

Makes your content Unique

Your competitors cannot easily replicate what is on your sites.

Ok so let me know if this approach is still part of your plan.

Or rather try to improve on your writing, I would love to hear in comments.

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