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How I Grew My Client Youtube Channel By 150% In 12 Weeks
(Youtube Case Study)

A client of mine has a Youtube Channel In a very competitive niche, The Finance niche.

Despite providing quality & valuable videos.

They channel wasn’t growing further.

What do I mean by Quality & Valuable videos: videos that provide quality and solve users problem.

But that is just one part of the problem, because 

You’d probably hear this alot, make helpfull videos and you will become a successfull youtuber.

Yeah that works, but it just one pieze of the puzzle.

Imagine creating bunch of helpfull videos as so called expert says and no one could ever find it, that can cause a HUGE PAIN

My client only generated 5500 subscribers within the period of 3 years.

Even though the niche is pretty much competitive, growing at this rate with over 50 videos in 3 years is definitely not a progress.

before i made changes

The reasons: they were making same mistakes thousands of youtubers make when starting a youtube channel.

So i made the changes and that boosted the channel growth by 150%, infact our avaeraige daily views per day is now 2400.

after i made changes

That said.

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