If you want to know how to drive traffic to affiliate links and make sales right now.

You will love these 9 untapped free traffic sources am about to share.

In fact, part of this strategy made me this sale on my affiliate offers.

bluehosts affiliate sales proof

picoworkers earning

The affiliate commissions may look small to you!! But trust me, it pays off by just using the free untapped traffic sources am about to share with you and It doesn’t cost you a penny to get started.

With that, here are the 09 untapped free traffic sources on how to drive traffic to affiliate links.

Well said!

Classified ads

When you hear the words “Ads”, What pops into your mind?

“Paid traffic or advertisement” isn’t it? obviously, it is.

But when it comes to classified ads, you get the chance to reach out to thousands of people interested in your offers for free.

The Good part? It works for every niche.

classified ads niches

With over 1.7 million visits to classified ads sites/per month, they earn their revenue from paid ads and also give room to run ads for free.

classified ads traffic potential

To get started, head over to classified ads and sign up.

Locate the top menu bar and post ads for free.

post ads on classified ads

Select your category and insert details as shown below.

insert you ads details

That said!

Inbound Facebook Marketplace

When it comes to getting traffic from Facebook, most people will say to post your affiliate links on Facebook groups and comments to get traffic and clicks.

The fact is this strategy still works but something works better…

I called this the facebook inbound marketplace.

facebook marketplace homepage

I have used this strategy to generate sales for my offers within 9 days of a trial from this listing.

my facebook listing

facebook marketplace customers

The strategy is simple.

I just did a copy and paste from nice looking wall art, home decor & paintings from esty to Facebook marketplace.esty wall arts design

Now on the Facebook marketplace including photos and art dimensions.

 facebooks marketplace store

So it was sold for USD 199.87+ on Esty and I labeled it for USD 235 and publish it on the marketplace.

Traffic wasn’t as high as it is for free methods but it brought in 2 customers which results in a sale.

I just contacted the sellers on esty and drove down to the buyer’s preferred location.

Sounds like a middleman kind of deal.

customers from facebook marketplace

I wouldn’t say, the copy-and-paste approach is a good idea but you can leverage this promotional approach to get highly targeted traffic to your offers.

Meanwhile, you only get to share your affiliate links via inbox If only your customers have already opt-in for your listings on the Facebook marketplace.

To leverage this method for affiliate marketing, john crestani’s videos say it all.

Check it out.

Reddit Forums

Traffic from Reddit’s forum is a gold mine.

In as much as it is a great platform for microbloggers, it is also a great way to drive traffic to affiliate links.

microposts on reddits

you can join subreddits on Reddit and posts helpful info about any topic under the sun and recommend your affiliate link.

When it comes to one of the most popular forums to drive traffic, Reddit always makes the top list.

Leads Generation & Status Updates 

Let’s face it.

Whatsapp is killing it right now, with over 1.2 billion users on that app.

I see no reasons why you shouldn’t leverage it to drive traffic to your affiliate links.

A lot of affiliate marketers seem to ignore WhatsApp as a form of affiliate marketing.


Because they only believed it for chatting purposes.

Not until I recently discovered how useful it can be to drive traffic to affiliate links.

Fortunately, I will be revealing the tactics behind it.

I called this the “Lead generations and Status Updates”

A while back, I was trying to sell a course on the make money online space…

The digital course was country-specific, so I joined groups on Facebook related to my products.

And I compose this ” massive giveaway”, lol.

my facebook posts

I was offering an Ebook for free in exchange for their WhatsApp contact details.

It brought in leads and engagements.

And 22 new Whatsapp contacts.

whatsapp contacts leads

So I allowed them to save my contacts before I offered them the free ebook including my affiliate links.

whatsapp affilaite marketing

The reason because they can view my status updates anytime and that is where the follow-up marketing comes in.

Even though they didn’t click my link at first sight, I kept them updated on my status and they come back using my link.


Not everyone will buy at first sight, so you have to keep them updated and that is where your status plays a big role.

If you’re an email marketer, then you know how important this strategy works.


Pinterest is another form of the search engine but solely based on visually appealing images and short video clips.

Pinterest is a goldmine for free traffic to affiliate links and it requires less effort.

printerest profile dashboard

Cool facts: it is SEO friendly and ranks on google too.

pinterest keywords on google

But getting started can be boring & strategic.

So, I recommend a video for you to get things up and running.

This video is a case study of how a marketer generated millions of traffic for free on Pinterest.

Blogging On Linkedin

Linked In is an awesome platform to start affiliate marketing with no budget.

If you want to drive traffic to your links, then you need to start publishing articles about your affiliate offers.

For instance, these Linkedin articles rank for the keywords “Secret email system review”

linkedin article ranked on google serp

And it brings in this little amount of traffic (200 visitors) every month according to ahrefs.

Even though it is 200 organic traffic, it pays a lot when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Because the keywords are transactional and highly targeted.

Whoever searches for these keywords is already ready to flip their cards to buy. So your potential audience seeks more information about it on Google.

If you rank for that term, they will buy from you.

And one part of the text contains affiliated links to the software, the writer is trying to promote.

linked in affiliate marketing

Why is this possible?

Because Linkedin is SEO friendly, it ranks potentially on Google.

To get started, Sign up on Linked in and start publishing articles.

write articles on linkedin

NOTE: When adding affiliated links to any parts of the texts, you want to make sure you include an affiliate disclaimer on your posts.


When it comes to consistent & passive traffic sources to your affiliate links, you cant skip video content.

Which is Youtube.

Youtube is the second search engine in the world right now.

If you ain’t ranking on Google then try ranking on Youtube.

With youtube, marketing becomes easier by simply making videos and dropping affiliated links on video descriptions as shown below.

inserts links in video description

There is a whole lot to youtube affiliate marketing, I can’t cover in just 3-4 lines.

But, luckily for you, I just published an updated guide to affiliate marketing on Youtube.

You are going to learn, the types of video formats that generate more affiliate revenue and how to get more views to your youtube channel.


When it comes to getting more eyeballs on any offers you want to promote as an affiliate.

Quora is one part of those sites, you should rely on.

In fact, I used quora to generate tons of traffic for my affiliate’s offers and a client’s brand.

my quora profile

Even though I once used this profile 6 months ago for a client of mine, It still brings in 1k views every week from my previous 114 answers passively.

And this was achieved using the tactics am about to share.

Which is answering questions already ranking on google’s first page.

For instance, when I googled the Query “is quora search engine”.

quora questions on google

What do you find?

You could see a quora question ranking on the Google first page results.

What does this tell us?

Whoever provides answers to these questions on quora answers, gets a chance to be seen by many users which can bring in more views/traffic.

Nevertheless, more views don’t equal more traffic.

The more views you get the more chances you get traffic to your links.

First and foremost, How do you find these questions ranking on Google from quora?

It’s easy, one Lazy approach I do is this.

Head over to H-super tools questions explorer.

questions explorer tools

Pop-up questions related to the offer you want to promote as an affiliate.

questions keywords explorer results

Check if it ranks on google.

quora questions on google

Answer the questions.

Even if non is ranking doesn’t mean it won’t count, getting traffic from google to your answers makes it better.

NOTE: never posts affiliated links directly on quora answers to avoid getting flagged/banned.

You wanna make sure, you create a bridge page for your answers to your links.

Medium SEO

Medium is an online publishing platform where tons of writers post content on any topic around the sun.

One cool fact about it, it is SEO-friendly.

medium article on google

Just like linked in, it allows you to optimize posts for Search engines.

This can be cool for users who don’t have any start-up capital to run a blog.

So medium can get you started as it also provides you with a subdomain name.

NOTE: mediums ban contents with excess affiliated links, so you should be strategic about it by adding disclaimers and not all posts should contain affiliated links only.

Over to you

I hoped these free untapped traffic sources will help you drive traffic to your affiliate links,

Which in turn may lead to sales.

Now I’d like to hear from you,

Which of these strategies are you going to implement?


You tried them and did not see results,

Let me know in the comment down below.

I will see you there……

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