When it comes to choosing the best smartphones for blogging in Nigeria, you should consider the following;

✅A strong processor.
✅ At Least 4 GB Ram.
✅ At Least 128GB of Storage.
✅A High Refresh Rate Display.
✅At Least 4000mAh Battery With Fast Charging.

To be clear:

There’s no one smartphone that is best for bloggers because i have found myself testing out alot of  andriods and IOS phones that suits your blogging need in Nigeria.

Most of our top picks are from suggestions based on my friends who happened to be a successfull blogger.

Facebook comments about a blogger

Note: The phone you buy will depend on your budget and OS types—Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android.

If you want something more affordable, we have recommendations for iPhone and Android, and all of our picks for you in Nigeria and across africans,

Let dive right in:

Editor's Choice

Apple IOS IPhone XR-64GB

Iphone XR 64GB comes a long-lasting battery lets you blog on the fly.

The iPhone XR also features an A12 Bionic chip and a captivating Liquid Retina display.

Its 12MP main camera captures high-quality photos and videos, ensuring professional-level content creation for travel, product reviews, or knowledge sharing on the go.

Who it’s for: Those who are a big fan of IOS devices

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