In today’s posts,

I am going to show you the 17 bests online tools to improve your blog skills right away and also guarantee your blog success.

These are tools that have been tested and reviewed,

And they helped me grow my other new blog to over 700 visitors/month from Google in less than 6 months.

damshustle other blog pageviews

And 293 visitors from Google passively on weekly basis.

damshustle new blog users

And also lets me rank for keywords on Google first page results.

damshustle ranking on page of google

The Good Part: It’s zero costs and it is all that you need to grow your blog like it is no one’s business.

That said!

These tools are classified based on

Content Management System:

content management system

To get started, you need a content management platform to manage your blog contents on.

And that is wordpress.


WordPress is by far the most popular CMS on the planet.

With over 50 CMS platforms, wordpress makes up 31% of all websites on the internet

Not just that, with the features of the additional attachment called plugins,

WordPress can help you scale your blog to the moon.

damshustle wordpress dashboard

If you are not managing your blog on wordpress, then you may not find most of these posts interesting.

Either way, if you do. then let’s dive right to the next phase.

Best Features: A Good choice for both personal blogs as well as professional blogs

Content Research And Topic Ideas:

content reasearch and topic ideas

Content research is the roadmap to your blog’s success.

in as much as others are important, if you fail you understand how these tools mentioned down below work, you missed everything.

With content research, you tend to generate great topic ideas your customers or audiences are searching for.

But how do you find them, that when these tools come in handy for you.


Quora is a question and answer forum website where people are discussing any topic under the sun.

How is this a Tool?

Quora helps you discover some hidden topics, trends, products, or some negative aspects of your competitors you can’t just find on any other tools and Google.

To get insight full information about your topic in any industry,

First head over to quora.

Add Newhow to ask questions on quora

Click Ask questions and ask about any topics you need additional information about your industry.

ask a question on quora

That it and your questions will get posted once.

Quora is going to put it to the right people and your questions will get answers.

results of my quora questions

The reverse is the case if you want to see what trends in the industry before it gets competitive.

how to get quora answers

Best Features: Know what is in the minds of your audience


Running out of topics, Buzzumo got you covered.

It is ok to get short of ideas when it comes to generating content ideas for your blog, Yeah.

But with Buzzumo, you get a lot of topics and discussions about your industry.


I know you might be wondering, how is this different from Quora?

The answer is,

that Buzzumo shows you the topics and discussions about your industry based on how popular it is based on

  • Facebook Engagement
  • Twitter Shares
  • Pinterest Shares
  • Reddit Engagement
  • Number of Links
  • Evergreen Score

buzzsumo-features-social signals

Isn’t that awesome?

Not just that, you can filter through based on months or sign up for buzz sumo alerts to get the latest trends.

buzzsumo cool features

Best Features: Buzzsumo alerts

Google Trends

As the name implies T-R-E-N-D-S, trends. Shows you trending topics/queries from Google.

For example, I wanted to write on a proven topic about Google Query results.

But was misspelling that for keywords results.

and I pop that up on Google trends.

Google trends- query results vs keyword results

And that’s it!

Query results are the most trend and thereby people often talk about it on Google.

Google Keyword Planner

What if you discover topics and content ideas to get along with and would like to optimize them for SEO?.

The Google keyword planners tell you how many people find these keywords on search engines like Google.

With that, you get an estimate of the total amount of searches from the contents and topic ideas generated.

google keyword planner

Since it came straight from google, then you know it’s legit.

Bests Features: This shows you the difficulty of any given keywords.

keyword planner-feature-low competition

Content Writing:

content writing

We hear the word blogging, and writing comes to our mind and that is why we blog.

These tools help you scale and improve your writing content right away.

Classic Editor WordPress Plugins

Am not a big fan of the wordpress default posts editor, because I find it uneasy to use.

Way to advance.

wordpress default posts editors

And it makes my writing wack like I spend half of my time trying to fits my sentences in a proper manner.

At the end of the day, I won’t meet up to tasks.

But thanks to the wordpress classic editor plugins, it made writing easy.

With a simple HTML editor, you can type content and format very easy.

wordpress classic editor post edits

Not just that, I find a lot of bloggers who seem to complain about how technical the Gutenberg editor is.

And the good part, it is widely used by most bloggers.

facebook posts- block vs classic editor

people reviews

If you find the Gutenberg editor cool for you? that is great.

Others find it useful too in one way.

facebook cooments on block wordpress editor

But have you tried The classic editor plugin, I would love to know how it made writing look.

Best Features: Easy to use interface and supports all Plugs (learn more).

Easy Table Of  Contents

An easy table of contents helps you break your contents into chunks.

It helps your readers see how you laid the headers of your posts and helps them quickly take them to that section on the page.

Table of contents

Best Features: helps Google understands each section headings of your posts.

Grammarly Chrome Extension


You hear a lot of bloggers say this a lot.

If you want to become a good blog post writer, then you need to write as you talk.

Yeah, that is true as it also works pretty well for me.

I write just as the thoughts flow in my head and that helps my writing experience grow better.

But at some points,

you tend to be fast when writing as you speak, so you won’t miss out on some great point that usually comes to your head once in a while.

It’s normal, just write them all down.

With that, you get to make a lot of grammatical errors along the way.

Trust me, writing and checking for errors manually can be a huge pain.

That is why I installed the Grammarly Chrome extension tools in my chrome browsers.

So anytime I find myself writing on the go, the tools help me point out errors as I write along.

grammarly auto correct- underlined wrong spelling

As you can see, I have some work to do.

Best Features: Auto instantly corrects grammatical errors without accessing the app itself.


Hemingway is a tool that helps you tests for readability scores,

Quite a few bloggers tend to ignore these aspects of checking readability scores, and so do I.

Heming editor

Not until recently,

I discovered how important it helps my writing comprehensively enough.

Later soon enough, I began updating my old blog contents to best suites low readability score.


Because the lower the score, the better people find it easy to understand your posts.

Not just all posts,

but posts that seem to use a lot of highly technical language which beginners may find hard to understand.

Graphics & Visual Blogging:

Graphics & Visual

Blogging would be incomplete without visuals.

In fact, visuals and illustrations make your audience understands your posts 10x better.

That also helps you stand out from other blogs.

Backlinko founder, brian dean is a testimony to this.

He revealed one of the reasons his blog tends to grow popular was because of his blog visuals and designs in his posts (learn more).

And that same principle recently worked pretty well for me.

even though my blog came as a new player in the industry, these tips got me my first few backlinks naturally.

youtube affiliate marjeting posts image

And that is how visuals/illustrations can be, with my favorite graphics design tools I spend a lot more on visuals on m blog posts.


Canva is a great tool right now when it comes to creating,



More advanced photo editing.

You want to make your images stand out, so illustrations are a great way to help you achieve that.


That is why at the damshustle blog,

we don’t use stock photos, because it causes a huge distraction and everyone probably be using the same images since it is license free.

Instead, we use something that is visually appealing, in other words attractive.

SEO Tools:

seo tools

As we drive down deeper, we get more advanced tools that take our blog to the next level.

SEO as it may sounds means optimizing your posts for search engines, and that process can get you traffic.

So this aspect covers every tool you can use to achieve success when it comes to SEO.

In other words, they are all free to use too but contain the paid version.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugins are the most popular SEO tools I have ever come across.

And Google easily finds and crawls your posts.

In fact, with the help of these tools, I now rank on the first page of google.

damshustle ranking on page of google

And also share analysis on how to make your posts optimized for search engines.

Yoast SEO post analysis

This analysis boosts your odds of potentially ranking on Google provided all other SEO activities are put in place.

Best Feature: Sitemap generator.

yoast seo sitemap generator

Yoast creates sitemaps for your blog and for every new blog post created and the good part.

It automatically helps you submit the posts to the search engine after you HIT PUBLISH BUTTON.

That way, Google can easily crawl your page and rank it on their search results.


Siteliner scans your blog and shows you results based on

Duplicate contents

Broken links

Blocked pages

Site speed loading time

Average Page Size and more.


All this can be done in just a single free tool, rather than leveraging multiple tools to achieve the same results.

Best Feature: comparison with other sites

siteliner results

Moz Domain Authority Checker (Chrome Extension)

Moz chrome extension bar

All SEO experts know this.

SERP matters a lot more than any other ranking factor, SERP stands for search engine results page.

It is a process where you analyze the top ranking page on google search results to see if you can get a spot too.

And that boils down to the domain authority of the blogs ranking for those keywords.

The Moz chrome extensions show you the domain authority of those websites ranking on Google SERP.

To see if you can potentially get a chance to rank for a given keyword.

Moz bar on google

And the Good part, it is free, unlike its competitors where you have to pay to get this data.

Best Features: Shows you the domain authority without having to access the tool.

Trackings Results And Analytics:

tracking and analytics


Google Search Console

A google search console is a great tool that shows how well your articles performed well on google search.

If it is from google, then you know it is 100% legit

Google search console results

But it also shows you keywords your posts weren’t optimized around and still getting traffic.

That way, you can update the posts or create a new version, without a search console, no tool will tell you this.

damshustle google search console results

Best Features: If there is any issue wrong with your site that affects its ranking on Google.

The search console will update you, so you can get that fixed ASAP.

gsc-coverage reports

Google Analytics

Unlike the Google search console. it shows you additional information on how often,

Users spend time on your page (bounce rate)

Your article with the least and most amount of views

And a track record of your overall traffic growth over time.

google analytics

Ahrefs Free Audit Checker

If you are in the digital marketing industry, you must have come across ahrefs SEO tools.

It provides you with additional information on how to get higher Google rankings.

E.g Reverse engineer your competitor’s backlinks, keyword research, and backlink checker, etc.

But there is one problem with this tool,

it is not free and way expensive for newbies who haven’t made a dime blogging.

That is just the bad news, the Good is they also have some free tools you can leverage right of the bat.

And the most important of all is the Ahrefs Audit checker.

It scans your sites

Health score- overall SEO score, the closer it is to 100% the healthy it is.

Backlinks-  notifies you when you gain or lost a backlinks

Best Feature: Notifies you through emails

Email Marketing & Automation Process:

email marketing

Relying on traffic sources from search engines can be more passive than other forms of traffic sources.

But you can’t be there for life.

As time passes by, other blogs will begin to compete for that same positions.

And it is absolutely normal.

You don’t want to miss out in the end and that is why converting those traffic into email lists pays better.

This section covers every aspect of that.


With converkit,

you tend to create an irresistible opt-in form where you can capture leads/email lists for further marketing.

converkit widgets page

convertkit- capture leads

Not just that, you can place these lead magnets on any sections on your blog that get traffic to capture leads.

The earlier, the better.

You can place them in blog posts, category pages, and widgets spaces.

And when you create your leads, you can also keep a tracks record of how well they performed
Converkit-my email lists analytics

That way, you get to know the conversion rates and how you can improved them.

convertkit leads

Best features: tracks leads based on best performing or low performing to work better on them.


Unlike converkit where we capture leads, Mailchimp helps us send out emails to these lists.

The good part, it can be integrated with converkit and sends out emails to those lists on converkit.

converkit integration with mailchimp

Bests Feature: easy to use interface and easily send emails to subscribers.

Anything I Didn’t cover

These are my all-time blogging tools that can take your blogging success to the moon.

Are there any of your favorite tools I didn’t cover?

Or which of these above-mentioned tools did you find success with?

Either I would love to hear from you.

Drop your response in the comment sections below.

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