In today’s posts,

Am going to be talking about the comparison between the 2 well-known affiliate networks,

The Walmart vs Amazon Affiliates program.

If you are worried about the best platforms to promote products based on affiliate offers and make good sales.

You just landed yourself in the right place.

The Good part, my comparisons will be in terms of:

  • Commission structure
  • Conversion rates
  • Affiliate Tools And Support
  • Tracking Cookies durations
  • Payments methods
  • Affiliate Community

Let’s do this.

Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a business module where a retailer/salesperson earns a certain commission fee by promoting other people/company products or software.

The commission rates actually vary,

and it depends on the agreement between the owner of the products and the salesperson.

Some products can be recurring commissions, while the others can be one-time commissions.

I will explain.

Recurring commissions simply mean

the salesperson is paid on a regular basis whenever the referee still makes recurring payments.

The salesperson gets a recurring commission fee whenever the users referred are on recurring payments.

For example, You get a 7% recurring commission when you get to make a single sale with the cloudways affiliate program.

Walmart vs. amazon affiliate program guide

While with a one-time payment, the salesman only receives a commission once.

In other words, the salesperson is given a unique link from the company or owner of the products to promote.

and whoever buys from that links, the salespersons earn the reward/commission.

That said!.

Introducing: The Two Competitors

Over the past few years, Walmart and Amazon have been known for their brand name and credibility worldwide.

But they have always been Head to Head in terms of their products, pricing, resources, etc.

And now both have affiliate programs that kinda keep interested affiliates worried about which program should they participate in.

Quite often, Both are Well based on satisfaction in terms of products and other related terms.

But there is usually a quote that says, if it trending over the other, then there is certainly more option than one another.

And when we check that up with Google trends, what do we find out?

walmart affiliate vs amazon affiliate on google trends

Amazon has been dominating that space from 2004 to date.

What does this tell us, majority of many affiliate marketers are jumping into amazon affiliates than Walmart?

But that doesn’t mean, Walmart is of the chase, in fact, they also have some cool features amazon couldn’t offer.

And this article covers all.

Let’s kick things off with Walmart.

walmart homepage

Walmart is known for its small discount retail items.

It operates in hypermarkets, supermarkets, and almost consumable items you can find on the planet.

More or the likes of health, technology, and home category items are sold at discount rates.

Walmart Affilaite Program

Due to the large variety of products,

To make money leveraging Walmart, they offer users to partner in 2 programs.

walmart affiliate program

As a merchant, you are allowed to sign up as a third-party seller and sell your goods provided if you have any.

How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

Step #1: Sign up at the Walmart marketplace

Step #2: Finish up your registration

Step #3: Create a custom application profile

Step #4: Set up completed & launch your account

For more details, you can check out these posts.

With the Walmart affiliate program,

you sign up as an affiliate and promote their products and earn a commission based on their commission rates (more on that later) and run by impact radius.

With that, you will be given access to a large variety of marketing tools that can help you make sales as an affiliate.


Banner ads,

Texts links

Quality product images and other software trackers to keep records of your sales.

But in today’s posts, we will be covering more in-depth Walmart’s affiliate program.

Walmart Affiliate Program Requirements

To get approval as an affiliate with Walmart, the following terms and requirements must be met.

Your websites must be active and have a little or decent amount of traffic.

Must contain information contents related to any Walmart products.

Most of your traffic sources must be from North America.


Amazon, on the other hand, is an e-commerce-based platform that sells a lot of varieties via the internet.

Varieties like, books, movies, household items, electronics items and usually operate as a middle man between the retailers and their millions of customers around the globe.

amazon homepage

Amazon Associate Affiliate Program

If you want to promote amazon products as that of Walmart, you need to join their amazon associate program.

The amazon associate program connects affiliates with amazons products.

amazon associates affiliate program

To get started you have to signup with amazon associate programs to be able to promote their products.

Amazon Associate Affiliate Program Requirements

To be able to register with amazon associates, and promote their products.

You must have,

Either a blog with little or a decent amount of traffic must comply with amazon terms and conditions.

A Facebook page with a decent amount of followers,

Mobile application Or a link to any platforms where you have already grown audiences who might be interested in amazon products.

Youtube, TikTok, or any social platforms.

That is the Good thing about it, the bad thing is.

If you didn’t make @ least 1 sale within 3 months after joining the amazon affiliate program,

you lose your amazon associate account.

Based On Commission structure

The commission structure is determined by the vendor or manufacturer.

it is usually how much you make when you sell a particular offer or products

Both Walmarts and amazon have their own commission structures, which makes one way better than the other.

The one with the highest commission structures is where affiliates make most of the money.

The fun part is, that you can easily keep track of your revenue all by yourself.

With Walmart, each product’s commission varies based on a pricing level.

And of course, I can’t cover all of them in a single piece, so here is a screenshot that say it all.

walmart affiliate commission rates

As better as it may look.

You can check the page here.

For instance, if you are promoting shoes as an affiliate on Walmart.

They say, their commission rate is 15%

walmart shoes affiliate programs

So when you sell a shoe item as an affiliate like of this costs, $23.99

WALMART VONMAY Women's Fuzzy Slippers Boots Memory Foam Booties House Shoes PRICING
Then you know, you earn $3.5985 for any sales made from selling this shoe, which is a 15% commission.

With Amazon, which is the most widely used affiliate network ever.

Their commission rates are way different compared to Walmart.

commission rates for amazon products

Each products categories varies way down from 0%  to 20%,

And am not going to be comparing the affiliate network with the highest commission rates.

Because each of their commission varies based on the product category of each affiliate network.

So which of them interests you more, should be your win.

Winner: Depends on your interests.

Based On Conversion Rates

conversion rates says it all, the rates at which a referee takes action on products.

The products with the highest amount of sales are said to have high conversion rates.

The key to affiliate marketing lies in terms of conversion rates,

So let’s see who comes top on the lists.

amazon logo

Amazon is on top of the list.

Knowing fully well amazon is the most popular e-commerce platform on the planet due to their commitments in terms of customer satisfaction.

With that their conversion rates lie between 7.5% and 9.5% from January 2020 to date.

That means forever

And of course, they didn’t just rank up higher because of that, their products as well also speak of their credibility.

Thus, this could be the reason why their conversion rates are higher compared to Walmart, its competitor itself.

Walmart on other hand is close to that of Amazon and way lesser.

It was during the impact of the Covid-19 virus that boosted their overall performance which now increased to 7.5%, learn more

amazon vs walmart conversion rates statistics by forbes

Which is now close to that of Amazon, a good record over time.

Good luck with that.

In summary,

Amazon conversion rates lie between 7.5% and 9.5%

Walmart at 7.5%

That means for every 1000 visitors you bring to Walmart, 7.5% of them are to buy and that equals 75 visitors.

Note: visitors don’t equal customers, a visitor only converts when they become a customer after buying a product.

WinnerAmazon wins.

Based On Affiliate Tools And Support

One of the biggest downfalls in most affiliate networks is not providing quality tools and supports to their affiliate marketers.

With affiliate tools, helps in managing data and helps marketers process available resources without having to access the main websites to gain access, while support can positive relationships.

In terms of tools, Walmart got them in handy for their affiliates.

  • Walmart SDK
  • In form of wordpress plugins
  • chrome extensions
  • and lastly the developer kits.

The Walmart SDK plugins are the most useful too so far.

The function? allows you to add a Call to Action buy now button, which is available in javascript and HTML.

walmart developers websites

And the developer kits can be found in their developer portal.

If you manage your site on wordpress, then you will want to use the Walmart affiliate link plugin.

Which is a plugin that automatically converts any blog post texts to paid links related to the product on Walmart.

walmart wordpress plugins descriptions

But there is one little problem,

walmart wordpress plugins

As shown, the plugins were last updated 6 years ago which makes them unusable for a better experience.

Unlike the chrome extension tool.

Which basically shows only the best shopping deals and also discounts prices without using coupons on Walmart.

As an affiliate, these options allow you to easily spot items with discount prices you can sell.

Deals and Discounts Finder chrome extension tools for Walmart

While Amazon, on the other hand, comprises quite a lot.

the site trap studio and more.

And I can’t explain it better than Amazon, the creator itself. You can check them out there

Winner: amazon takes home the best and most updated resources.

Based On Tracking Cookies durations

When it comes to affiliate marketing, tracking cookie duration is very important.

How does it work?

It is usually a file that stores information about your visitors and indicates that visitors are referred from a particular Affiliate.

For example, when someone else clicks on any affiliate links on a website.

A tracking cookie has been created and stored, if the visitor didn’t make a purchase instantly, but later on.

The affiliates still get the credits as long as the links had a click.

With Walmart, their tracking cookie usually lasts for 3days.

That is to say,

If you are part of their affiliate network and your visitors clicked your link without buying anything.

It doesn’t call for alarm, you still get credits when that same visitors purchase an item before 3days lapse.

That can be quite short, compared to other affiliate networks with longer tracking cookies.

With Amazon, it only lasts for 24 hours.

If after 24 hours, your visitors didn’t make any purchase. you definitely missed that one.

Amazon saids it themselves.

what amazon says about their cookie duration

Winner: Walmart wins (the longer the duration, the better)

Based On Payments methods

Each of the two, Walmart vs amazon affiliates has different methods by which they pay their affiliates.

The one with vasts payments methods gives more room for easy withdrawal.

With Amazon,

You only get paid after 60days if only your overall commissions meet their threshold value (10.58 USD).

This means, that if you don’t makeup to 10.58 USD,

you are not eligible to withdraw your affiliate earnings on Amazon.

The 60days periods mean amazon allows affiliates to withdraw if the following conditions are met.

You are only allowed to withdraw your earnings after 60days of successful registration

how amazons pays affiliate within the 60days time period

and makeup to 10.58 USD to be eligible to process this withdrawal.

Also amazon affiliates in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, or any of the other 52 selected countries.

Can now collect their international earnings without any course of delays usually issued by the postal delivery of a check,

and also the need to wait for a check in order to clear your receipts through the banking system.

bank transfers payments requirements for amazon affiliates

That the benefits of affiliates listed in these selected countries, others can select other payment options.

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Local bank transfers
  • Cheque
  • Others (Payooners)

While Walmart pays their affiliate ON THE 1st or 15th of every month, in net sales (excluding VAT, handling, and shipping)

The withdrawal threshold is the same as that of Amazon,  $10 before you apply for withdrawal from payments options,

  • Paypal
  • Electronic Funds Transfer

Note: if a customer you referred to Walmart refunds a particular product you referred to them as an affiliate,

Walmart debits you for that.

Affiliate Community

The affiliate community is where affiliates build relationships with other affiliates and get some positive pieces of information on how you can improve your marketing tips or updates on the latest developments

That is a Good part of it, and amazon has a community for their affiliates as well in a forum based.

That way, you can hear from other affiliates and see what is in for the latest trends right off the bat.

But Walmart on the other end, Walmart doesn’t have a community for its affiliate.

Instead, you can only join Facebook groups about walmart affiliates and see upcoming trends in handy for you.

Affiliate Network ComparismsWalmart affiliatesAmazon associates
Commission structures commission structures varies based on products categoriescommission structures varies based on products categories
Conversion rates7.5%7.5%-9%
Affiliate toolsless variety of marketing tools and not usually up to date.large variety of marketing tools and up to date.
Tracking Cookie Duration3 days24 hours
Based On Payments methodsElectronic Funds Transfer and PayPal.Amazon Gift Card
Local bank transfers
Others (payooners)
Payment Withdrawal Threshold value$10$10.58
Pay day1st or 15th of every month60 days after a successfull registerations

Prons and cons Walmart affiliate program


  • High cookie durations compared to it competitor amazon.
  • special and largely discount offers


  • most of their tools are not updated
  • No affiliate community
  • fewer payments options

Prons and cons amazon affiliate program


  • widely used by most affiliate networks in the world
  • offers a wide variety of products
  • high conversion rates
  • have an affiliate forum
  • vast withdrawal methods


  • short cookie durations

How To Promote Walmart Vs Amazon Affiliate Products & Earn Commissions

Signing up as an affiliate for the two firms is not really the issue, but most of all promoting it and making sales.

In fact,

I most recommend having/building an audience firsts before trying to register as an affiliate between these two.

So it can increasingly boost your chances of getting approval without having to worry.

But also, promoting Walmart products and amazon products are still the same.

And I will classify them in both channels.

  • Passive traffic
  • Non-passive traffic sources

Passive traffic sources and traffic sources that provide traffic to your affiliate offers by putting less amount of work.

and the best way to do this is to start a blog.

Blogging With SEO

There is a whole lot to blogging I can’t cover here in this short piece of content, but here are the most Importants things you should look out for.

Review keywords

Bests of keywords

Product Comparison Keywords

Helpful pieces of information about a related topic and links to amazon products in your blog posts.

Youtube Channel

The Youtube channel is a game changer right now,

and it is the best way to get a decent and passive amount of traffic is by making videos about products on amazon and recommending your affiliate links in the video description.

And videos like comparison videos and how-to videos, reviews, and bests of videos tend to perform well,  in terms of affiliate revenue.

For example, this video is a comparison video.

Iphoe reviews affiliate comparism video

And drops affiliate links of the phone products from amazon in his video descriptions.

That video got 2,368,820 views, and definitely, this video content creator will have a decent amount of affiliate sales.

For more information on how to do affiliate marking leveraging youtube, you can check out my guide to youtube affiliate marketing.

Non-passive traffic sources are sources whereby the traffic is not consistent but they usually bring in sales too.

The Inbound Facebook Marketplace

Head over to the Facebook marketplace.

Choose a category and post pictures of any products you want to sell as an affiliate on Amazon.

sell on facebook marketplace

More details on my 9 untapped free traffic sources, you can use to generate sales like it is no one business.


You get paid for Amazon affiliate links based on the commission rates of any products you promote on amazon, you can check out their commission page to know the commission rates of their products for affiliates.

How long does it usually take to become a Walmart affiliate?

It can take you a couple of minutes to register when signing up for the Walmart affiliate program.

If you meet their terms and conditions, then you can get approval within 24 hours range.

Does Walmart pay for the Exact products or Any product and Whole cart?

Walmarts pays based on the commission rates of each products in their online store, so you get paid based on this but not by whole carts.

Over To You?

Is there anything I missed or,

Which affiliate programs do you want to participate in?

Do you choose amazon over Walmart in terms of affiliate support and popularity?

Or you prefer Walmart due to their longer cookie durations.

Let me know in the comments sections and also share your experiences if you came across doing one or both.

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