I bought the 72IG course and tested it out for 3 months and the results? not what you thought it is.

So in today’s posts,

I am going to walk you through my experience with the 72-Hours Income Generator Program,

Popularly known for the short-term “72IG”.

So if you want to know more about the program before making a purchasing decision,

Then allow me to walk you by the hand.

If so, let’s dive right in.

Key takeaway

72IG Income Generator Program is a program that teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing.

Expertnaire is a marketplace where over 50+ digital products are hosted for those who want to promote.

And it is a yearly subscription program that cost 10,00NGN 

Once registered on 72IG, you get access to I year of free expertnaire access to promote other products.

What is The 72IG Income Generator Program All About?

Before going further, I would love for you to know what the program is all about.

The 72-hour income generator program is one of the most popular digital courses you would ever see out there for Nigerians especially.

The program is basically a 72-hour income program that teaches how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

72ig course modules

For those of us who may not know what affiliate marketing is,

It is a business module where you sell people products and earn a commission, what if it is your own products?

Then it is called E-commerce.

So affiliate marketing has been a very lucrative business module over the days since the early days of internet marketing.

Why? because it requires zero costs and an efficient form of advertising.

E.g a company that sells cars has an affiliate program, once you register on that program, you will be given a unique link.

And it is left for you to promote, once anybody buys from that link, you earn a commission (simple).

If only it were that easy.

Explaining what affiliate marketing is to you may sound very enticing and interesting, but in reality, there is one big problem with it and that is “Traffic

I take a couple of mins to get started as an affiliate and an experience to get traffic, why? because people need to buy from your link.

And that is one big issue many affiliate marketers have.

But thanks to Toyin omotoso, he created the 72-hour income program to solve that problem.

But who is Toyin Omotoso, and that leads us to the next section.

More About Toyin Omotoso

founder of expertnaire

As shown in the photo above,

Toyin omotoso is a digital marketing specialist, who specializes in creating digital products, and any forms of marketing and has done millions of dollars in sales.

If there are any internet marketers that can be trusted by their skills and level of discipline in the industry,

Toyin omotoso should be on the list.

Not just that.

he is also the founder of expertnaire: an affiliate network where digital products are hosted.

I can explain

The 72IG is hosted on an expertnaire.

So for you to be able to promote it as an affiliate, you must sign up on the expertnaire and get your link.

expertnaire dashboard

But for this purpose, we ain’t promoting it but instead talking about what the program entices.

More Details About The 72IG Income Generator Program

The program is in (3) part

Part 1: 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator which contains 3 modules.


Module 1 contains 3 videos

Video 1 is nothing more than just an introductory process

Video 2 walks you through the process on how to get familiar with the expertnaire dashboard.

E.G once registered into 72IG, you get 1-year free access to expertnaire platforms where you get access to be able to promote the course as an affiliate and access to over 50+ digital products you can promote and make money as well.

So it of your best interest to get familiar with the dashboard.

Video 3 does the trick and what is it?

Now listen,

when it comes to promoting products and making money from them, understanding the products makes you stand out from a lot of marketers out there.

E.g it is quite easy for a weight loss specialist to market weight loss supplements because she has been into the system, rather than hairdressers selling weight loss supplements which may seem uneasy to promote.

72ig module 1 part 3

So better still, even if you are a car dealer and interested in promoting weight loss supplements, this video teaches you how to understand what you selling so your buyers will perceive you as an expert.

Now you get the whole story.

Module 2 contains 5 videos + 3 tutorial videos and pdfs

This module is where the actual work begins, and it is all about getting traffic which is many internet marketers’ nightmares.

As mentioned earlier, registering as an affiliate isn’t the problem but getting traffic is where the issue comes in

But this module focuses on that and only on one traffic source which is “Whatsapp marketing

72ig Module 2

And still, people use Whatsapp the wrong way (for chatting and viewing status)

Instead of wasting your data on the such value that won’t be productive, why don’t you turn your Whatsapp into a making-money machine?

And module 5 is ready to put you through that process.

72ig module 5

From building your WhatsApp lists

Engaging with your lists

Using WhatsApp status the right way as an advertising medium

And the right pitch that your audience cannot resists and will make them buy from you.

In addition, additional worksheets.

72ig module 2 worksheets

Module 3 also has 2 videos and an additional resource (The Twitter Money Blueprint is recommended).

If not Whatsapp then Twitter can be of a great place to get leads and buyers and this module teaches you how to scale this process.

72ig twitter blueprints

Part 2: is the 72IG Implementation Program 2.0

Which is an updated version of part 1 (How you can sell using the combination of email marketing + PPC traffic and take your digital marketing skills to a new level).

72IG Implementation Program 2.0

You learn how to run Facebook ads, Instagram ads

How to set up a funnel and email marketing campaign and more.

In fact, this part is a primary focus on getting traffic through running adverts.

Ps: once you know how to run ads, you can also make money helping companies running ads online so they can get that online recognition and generate more customers and they pay you to do so.

So that is also an additional skill to your pockets.

So this part is a 12 days series action program.

72ig course modules

And also some additional resources.

inside the 72Ig Income generator

Part 3: 1-Year Expertnaire Affiliate Account & 50% Commission

The 72IG comes in massive benefits but it operates in 2 ways.

How to sell digital products online and make money and,

You can also market the 72IG as a program and make money with it as an affiliate on the expertnaire.

Does The 72IG Worth The Hype?

If you are reading down to this stage, then you may have come across many Nigerian marketers flooding your Dm with this program or expertnaire related.

Now the truth is most of these marketers are actually doing 6 to 5 figures from it.

72IG testimonials

 Expertnaire testimonials

Expertnaire testimonials

While a lot are not making a dime.

And others call it a form of Ponzi scheme.


So even go extreme miles in faking their earnings and it is happening.


because they are actually doing it the wrong way and let me be honest, not all marketers are making money from promoting the 72IG.

But it is hard to tell and I can explain

When people market the 72IG to people ensuring you will make money as soon as you join the program.

And this is actually true,

But in reality, making money is not as easy as how those gimmicks called themselves affiliate marketers promote the course to you.

it is true you will make money but not 100% guaranteed. and they always hide this truth from newbies.

Once they join, they believe in the next 2 weeks or a week later, they will make more money so they quickly sign up.

2 weeks pass by and they never made a dime.

Therefore they started promoting it to people using the false approach that lead them in buying the program in the first place.

And I won’t blame them because they were learning their marketing from the wrong perspective.

And in the reality, the 72IG program wasn’t designed to work that way.

One victim of this approach is shown in the image below.

is expertnaire scam

And after promoting this false approach of making money with a shorter time frame like 2 weeks or 1 week

Then the next person that signs up under them believes it is what they say and only to find out it is not what it is ( making money quick) they also promote using this approach, and then the circle goes on and on.

But don’t get me wrong

You can also make money even less than a week or within that shorter time frame as it is 100% possible but it actually depends on your level of experience and the mentor guiding you.

So how can you make money off this program or which path is the right direction to take is what leads us to the next section.

Can I make Money With This Program?

The truth is yes but for how long will it takes? I don’t know because it depends on the actions you put in place and how determined you are, but not in haste to make money.

And I am also a living testifier but it took me a lot of work and practice.

my earnings on expertnaire

The program is 100% legit and also a great place to make money online but it is not for those who are in to get rich quickly.

So if you have that mindset that you are going to make money within a guaranteed shorter time frame, then am sorry to say as you will be pissed off in the process, especially when you have no ideas about the way internet marketing works.

It takes a series of efforts to convince people to participate or sign up for a program and a lot of marketers miss this out.

That is why they have leads and no sales, they said it is impossible and it is a scam.

But the 72IG has conquered this process and the program can help you scale up.

Here is a scenario,

72ig results

As seen, it took her student 2 months to make his first payments.

If he had given up earlier because he wanted to get rich quickly, he would have been regretting later on.

But does that mean it will take you that same amount of time? no, we all have a different learning curve.

It takes some days while others weeks.

Best interests: a good mentor will shorten your learning curve.

If you need my mentorship, you can reach out to me on my contain page and would be happy to help.

For me,

the program is a goldmine because of the fact that it expanded my knowledge in the world of internet marketing, and that knowledge from the program and resources is paying me without stress.

I can explain

Many marketers see the 72IG income generator program as a form of promoting the products it selfs and only do affiliate marketing, but the experienced marketer is beyond that.

Some experience marketers use the method gained from their program to promote their own business and while some others are earning 6 figures.

And it also helps me in certain  instances,

For example,

I got paid a certain amount of money from a company that wants to advertise its business online through Facebook ads.

And I did it for them and they were happy so do i

And the point is, at first I didn’t know how to run ads but the 72IG taught me that.

72IG facebook ads video

and now I also run ads for multiple companies and I get paid for it, NICE.

Secondly, thanks to the Program, I got introduced to blogging.

Wordpress video in 72IG

And with that a paid plugin that worth $500 for free.

If not i wouldn’t have this blog in place and thanks to the program.

How To Order The 72IG Program

So now you know what the program entices,

So if you want to further ahead and order for the 72IG program then it is easy.

Click <<HERE>> and you will be redirected to the sales page.

72ig income generator sales page

Scroll down the button on the page and confirm the order.

buy 72ig program
                                                                  72IG sales page

And you will get a mail for confirmation that you have purchased the program and that it.


The 72IG will be of waste if you only joined and never put all that you watched into practice.

So now we have come to the end of today’s review and are now over to you?

What did you learn from today’s post?

I would love to answer your thoughts in the comments

Disclaimer I earn a certain fee when any purchase is made from this post (learn more)

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