Today in this expertnaire review,

Am going to be talking about a case study on,

how I made over 1 millionaire in 2 weeks by joining an expertnaire and Part of my experience I encountered with the platform.

and in this case You are not just going to know what the expertnaire is all about.

Let’s face it,

Well, you all reading this article may not actually know me or actually in any way come across my previous posts,

But as long as you found yourself stuck in this article,

I will be revealing honest reviews of my experiences on the expertnaire platform.

Believe it or not,

What am about to reveal to you will give you a well-detailed piece of information on what,

You need to know about the expertnaire.

In response to that,

I will also be providing an ebook by Toyin omotoso in a section of these case studies,

So it is best you stick to the very end as I will be giving it out for free.

If you don’t really know who Toyin omotoso really is, then that is not a problem, I will be revealing that sooner.

If so let’s begin,

Expertnaire review

Flashback to December 2020,

I was in my final year at Ibadan Polytechnic studying electrical engineering,

So I said to myself what can I do to build a sustainable income for myself?

I was in deep thoughts until I realized there is a lot of money to be made online,

I was just a little teenager who dream of making money online fasts out of my underwear.

Fast forward to early February,

When I came across a guy’s Facebook posts about how he made 1 million nairas ($2,434.04) in two weeks on a platform called expertnaire.

I marveled and wasn’t surprised this was happening because my intention was to make money online from the comfort of my home.

So I added him and asked him what I needed to know and fast forward to today.

I can now boast of 1 million nairas weekly just on the expertnaire.

Here is a screenshot of my earnings on the expertnaire just one week after joining the platform.

So stick to the very end as am about to reveal some of the top secrets and tricks with my  encounter on the expertnaire platform,

If so let’s dive right in.

what is Expertnaire?

Expertnaire homepage

Unlike other affiliate firms,

Expertnaire is a rapidly fast-growing affiliate marketing platform where users interested in making money online sign up as an affiliate and promote digital products on their systems and they earn a commission whenever any sale is being made.

Products on Expertnaire are 100% digital and they are usually in-demand products,

Making it easy for their affiliate to make a massive killing anytime they are selling their products.

with over 20,000+ products sold,

16,000+ affiliates

and 40+ products creators

expertnaire is becoming a fast-growing affiliate network for every Nigerian, Africans to be precise.

Hotcake products like,

weight loss supplements,

make money online ebooks,

Canada relocations ebook,

WhatsApp traffic blueprints

cryptocurrency digital programs etc and many more.

Here is a glance at what you will be selling if you venture into the program.

Expertnaire marketplace

Expertnaire became finally global the world through a guy named Toyin omotoso.

founder of expertnaire

Now you know who the founder of the expertnaire is,

Let now move to the main aspect of this article,

How I made over 1 million nairas ($2,434.04) in two weeks with an expertnaire.

This is not a rocket science trick as,

I will be revealing the real truth and everything I encountered while on this platform,

Even though I still made a lot of money from it doesn’t make it easy as you all think,

It may be as if there will be trials and errors along the way.

whereas here I will be revealing them to you?

No expertnaire affiliates will ever say this to you,

Is Expertnaire legit or a scam?

Despite the fact that I made 1millionaire ($2,434.04) in two weeks, does it makes it legit?

The truth is not what it seems to be.

The decision depends on what you actually think it is.

For any reason, you might have come across Expertnaire.

There is no how you would come across some of their affiliates dropping screenshots of their massive earnings,

Screenshots of their earning dashboards, screenshots of their students making a killing from it.

Are all these really true?

Well as I said earlier the decision is yours to be made so at the end of this article,

You will now decide if truly an expertnaire is worth giving in a trial.

Are you ready? let’s DIVE into my case study.

My experience from my first 1,000,000NGN weekly payout directly from Expertnaire?

When you are part of the expertnaire affiliates you are expected to receive your payouts every Friday directly to your local bank accounts.

Unlike the vendors who receive theirs once every two weeks basically on Fridays.

Who are the vendors?

Unlike affiliates who sell these digital products to people and earn commissions,

The vendors are those who create these digital products that are usually sold out by affiliates.

Each product on the expertnaire marketplaces has its own vendors,

So whenever you need some promotional materials to help you as an affiliate with the intention of promoting their products.

You can visit the sales page and all the required materials will be provided to you there as shown in the image below if we intend to promote the profitable Facebook ads system.

vendor promotional materials

If you copy the link above and paste it into a new tab on your browsers,

You will find all the materials needed for you if you intend to promote that product.

Back to the same old story,

I registered on expertniare as an affiliate,

With the intention of making money as the so-called paid-out affiliates do laments on social media.

The registration fee was actually 10,000NGN ($24) per year,

And my login details were forwarded to me via the email address I filled at the registration portal.

my payments proof


I was playing around with the expertnaire profile dashboard and,

I picked my choice of products to promote after then,

This was what happened when I tried to promote it.

my bad sales technique

Nobody wanted my offers,

No one wanted to buy from what I was willing to promote to them.

Those so-called paid-out affiliates are making a killing from this and,

I am not making even just a single sale after messaging over 220+ contacts, quite a lot of work.

That is when I said to myself, I am fed up

This shit is a scam.

I tried looking for hacks and tricks to see if I could just make just a single sale,

but the results were quite not promising.

At some point, you may get responses from customers like” I don’t have money”

“How real is it”,

“it’s a scam”

“am not interested”.

“Who gave you my num”

All of these responses are what these so-called paid-out affiliates won’t tell you.

well does that really makes it a scam?

well at first it was to me but in the end, I finally discovered the missing recipe to it.

The secret recipe that skyrockets my sales and guesses what happened,

It came like a hack.

Ladies and gentle the recipe is not just a hack to skyrocket my sales.

But also a hack that boosts my online business revenue.

Introducing the 72IG income generator program recipe that crushes all other making money online blueprints.

At first, I taught it was a scam.

Like why would I register for a program that is not sure if is the solution to my problem?

Still on it,

I ignored and keep trying the so-called selling techniques that haven’t provided me any single sales, not at all.

I nearly gave up and promise myself that after I register for the 72IG income generator program and didn’t see what am looking for,

I will quit the online business and focus on offline business but behold ladies and gentlemen reverse was the case.

Without much exaggeration,

I made over 1millionaire ($2,434.04) in two weeks, for the first time after registering for the 72IG income generator program.

Here is a glance at the knowledge I received after I registered for the program

Before I go further let me explain to you what the program is all about and,

how you can make a killing off from it if you consider giving it a shot.

Trust me, pals,

The program is worth the waiting and the benefits can change your life.


When I mean your life, and also your financial status just as it officially changed mine from a desperate guy to a money-making machine.

Probably you may have heard come across the new version of the 72-Hour Income Generator Program called “The New 72IG Implementation Training Program”.

Wondering why people are lamenting all over it on the internet marketplace.

Here is the truth,

People are actually talking about it a lot not just because they needed to but because it changing lives as usual.

if you are just knowing this for the very first time,

then I would say you are one-time lucky users who are one step ahead in making a sustainable amount of money online.

I don’t need to further explain how 1millionaire ($2,434.04) in two weeks because all the strategies and methods implemented were the training I got from the program.

my earnings on expertnaire

But for the sake of your purpose here is what you will be getting whenever you register for the program.

The program consists of 12 training videos that teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing,

They are subdivided into primary sections.

72ig course modules
  • How to make massive sales with the Whatsapp income blueprints
  • The realistic way to conduct market research
inside the 72Ig Income generator

Understanding your customer’s personal and how you can find them anywhere on the internet marketplace

inside the 72IG income generator program

  • How to get your first 2 to 5 sales without spending a dime on adverts
  • How to create a sales funnel that crushes the internet marketplace
  • How you can create your own website from scratch and build your online reputation.
  • How to run profitable Facebook ads and Instagram ads that bring sales.

72IG income generator additional resources

And many more packages inside of it.

How can this be of benefit to you?

The program has everything in hand for a beginner to an advanced level 6-figure marketing expert.

yes, marking expert, why marketing?

Because the best way to make a lot of money online is through marketing

Either if you are selling a product or a service you need to understand the principles of marketing on,

how to market whatever service you offer to people.

first of all, Before I disclose the benefits to you.

Let’s talk about how I also benefited from this,

Well, to be honest.

Making sales was quite a problem for me until I came across these live-changing platforms,

The 72-Hour Income Generator Program which skyrocketed my sales in revenue, is that all?

No, not at all.

Not only does it skyrockets my sales in revenue but it has also earned me 6 figures from other aspects of the online marketplace.


Behold everyone,

I now run a digital marketing agency where I get paid a reasonable amount of income from companies to run their Facebook ads which in one way boosts their online revenue.

benefits of Facebook ads

According to Jody Reynolds, a social media strategist

It is very vital for large-scale business owners to scale the use of Facebook ads,

and one of the best ROI (return of investment) is if you hire an expert in it.

With over 2 billion users on Facebook,

It is no longer news that every business owner wants to diversify by leveraging this software to ensure they bring more eyeballs to their products or services.

That is where Facebook ads come into play.

Companies are paying dearly to Facebook ads specialists, and the 72IG income generator program will teach you that.

So then what are you waiting for?

…..CLICK HERE NOW…….. to grab the 72IG income generator program now at 50,000NGN ($121.70) before prices increase to 60,000NGN ($146.04).

Do yourself a big favor now by grabbing the program now………

for more inquiries HIT ME UP and I will be glad to answer your queries.

If you are reading down to this section of this article, well I am glad to announce to you a piece of good news.

I have decided to provide a free ebook to anyone interested in 4 ways you can actually make money online realistically without spending a dime.

Yes, I said a dime.

A free make money online from the comfort of your home method.

below are the requirements needed,

A desktop computer or an Android device with a stable internet connection

A fraction of your time.

free ebook

Recall and dishing out an ebook worth 100k in the 72IG income GENERATOR program that one part of it actually changed my life as it will be out for free.



Special grace to GOD almighty for giving me the grace and strength to participate in this serial entrepreneurship journey of mine,

and also making the expertnaire review contents for you all

it has always been a life changer for me

To change your lives from where you are today to a 6 figure entrepreneur involved in making just one decision,


Are you ready to change yours too?

The choice is up to you to decide.

any further questions,

Feel free to drop your questions down below and I will see you there……


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